Radiator -
Premium grade aluminum tubes and precision folded and louvered aluminum fins ensure optimum cooling efficiency.

Heater Core-
Individually leak-tested at the factory to ensure each evaporator functions right out of the box.

Cabin Air Filter-
Designed to perform similar to OE in laboratory testing of air pressure drops across the filter in simulated dust environment.

Condenser -
Premium grade aluminum tubes, brackets, curved hoses and fittings are designed to OE specifications.

Evaporator -
Premium quality aluminum tubes, fins, hoses and fittings are designed to OE specifications, from stamp press design for aluminum tubes, to serpentine or parallel flow configurations.

Blower Assembly-
Superior grade components used in the blowers are designed for drop-in, plug-in ease of installation. Motor tests ensure comfortable air movement without excessive noise. 

Cooling Fan Assembly -
Premium control module for variable speed fans and brushless motors available for the latest applications.

Alternator and Starter -
Built brand new, inside and out with no recycled or rebuilt internal components. The bearings, Field casing, Rotor, Rectifier, Stator, Diode, Regulator are all 100% new

Window Regulator -
Non-universal motors that are designed to the specification of their OE counterpart 

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- Commercial/Industrial Rad Repair

- Radiator Repair/Install/Sale
- Auto Electric Repair

- Custom A/C Hose
- Automotive Cooling System Flushes

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